Where To Find The Best Beignets In New Orleans


Looking for the best beignets in New Orleans? I’ve found them!

Soft fluffy donuts with a crispy fried outer shell covered in mounds of white sugar. The beignet may very well be one of the best culinary masterpieces to come out of the United States. At least in my opinion. I finally, FINALLY had a chance to try one of these incredible treats during our trip to New Orleans and they definitely lived up to their reputation.
Cafe Du Monde is the most famous spot to dine in New Orleans. It is the original French Market Coffee stand since 1862 and yet they only have six things on their menu. coffeebeignetBlack coffee, Cafe au Lait, beignets, white and chocolate milk and freshly squeezed orange juice. That’s it, that’s all.

I don’t drink milk and I don’t make it a habit of eating donuts, but you can’t visit NOLA without eating at this little cafe, it’s a must-do both historically wise and of course, for the sweet treats.
If you score a table near the street side, you can look out from your open-air table an watch all the action from your seat.

Cafe Du Monde is located on 800 Decatur Street in New Orleans and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week (closed only on Christmas Day). There are eight additional locations in New Orleans and you can find a list of them on their website.

Now although Cafe Du Monde may have an incredible reputation, I didn’t find their beignets to be the best in the city. Surprised? So was I! During our stay at the Royal Sonesta, we spotted a fun little cafe across the street and decided to try out their beignets. cafebeignetoutside
Although this may be blasphemous to say, they were better than the ones we had at Cafe du Monde. Larger, fluffier, and the perfect amount of crispiness. The price was even lower!
You can find Cafe Beignet all around the city. Be sure to visit their website for a list of locations.

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