Do’s and Don’ts For Booking a Family Hotel In New Orleans

Royal Sonesta Pool

New Orleans is one of those cities that I’ve longed to visit for years now. When an opportunity arose for me to embark on the new Carnival Sunshine cruise ship for it’s inaugural sailing in New Orleans, I was thrilled! This would be our chance to visit one of the most talked about and popular cities in the United States.

We decided to arrive a few days early in order to really experience the city, however my procrastination got in the way of accommodations and we happened to be visiting during a very busy time. There were a few conferences going on as well as a few sports games, which meant that most of the hotels in the area were booked up. Because of this, we had to split our stay between two hotels, both of which I researched at length. I was very happy with the way things turned out because this would allow us to experience a couple of different locations in New Orleans.
Bourbon Street has been talked about over and over again, so naturally I wanted our first experience to be in the heart of it all. We chose the Royal Sonesta, located in the French Quarter and the hotel lived up to its expectations. Our room was beautiful and the service was incredible, especially for the kids! The hotel staff gifted our children with their own little Royal Sonesta shirts upon check-in and we were treated like absolute royalty (Disclosure: we paid for our own room, this was not comped).
There was one slight catch. To my excitement it was located on Bourbon Street, however if you’re not familiar with Bourbon Street, and you’re traveling with young children, you’re in for some pretty shocking surprises. I don’t consider myself to be a prude by any means, but this is one street I won’t be taking my children to anytime soon. The streets over are fabulous, but that one street is filled with adult “services” portrayed both in the windows and live on the street corners. Definitely not something I was prepared for! Keep this in mind when booking a hotel in New Orleans!
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Our next stay was at the Best Western Plus French Quarter, which was still in the French Quarter district, but instead of Bourbon Street, it was located several streets up on Magazine Street. Although this hotel wasn’t as luxurious as our previous pick, it was clean and comfortable. Included was a complimentary breakfast with cereal, fruit, juices, tea and coffee, toast, bagels and waffles (complete with the Fleur de Lis). The price was affordable and the value excellent!
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New Orleans is very family friendly and we did so many exciting things while we were visiting (more on those very soon), however just steer clear of Bourbon Street, unless you don’t mind your toddler pointing and asking why all the ladies are in their bras and underwear while it’s raining. Ahem.

5 Tips For Booking a Hotel in New Orleans

DO: Research the area where you’re planning on staying! There are plenty of transportation options in New Orleans, so even if you don’t want to stay in the midst of all the action, it’s quite easy to get from point A. to point B.

DON’T: Wait last minute to book your hotel! Accommodations can book up fast in New Orleans.

DO: Find out if your hotel is family friendly.

DON’T: Stay directly on Bourbon Street.

DO: Contact the New Orleans Tourism Bureau before your trip. They are a wealth of information and will help you plan out your trip, providing suggestions and recommendations on the best spots for you and your family to visit.

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