Easy Family Travel ~ 10 Tips To Make Your Journey Smooth & Simple #PricelessTravel


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Every time I bring up the subject of traveling with kids, I’m met with “Oh my goodness, how do you do it?!” Yes, traveling with kids comes with its set of challenges, but it can be dare I say it…easy if you plan accordingly and travel between certain times of day. Don’t “wait until they’re old enough” because there is no right or wrong age. We travel for ourselves and for our children. Whether or not my 12 month old son at the time will remember his trip to Disneyworld is besides the point. He has plenty of photos and videos to look back on as he grows and most importantly we as parents remember.

We have one shot at this parenting thing and I for one want to fill those 18 springs, summers, falls and winters with as much discovery and adventure as I possibly can. 

Looking for tips on how to make your summer travels as stress free as possible? Here are 5 of my favorites!

1. Hit The Road Early

Depending on whether you’re planning a road trip or heading to the airport, it’s important to try and plan your trips around nap time or as early as possible so that your stops work around lunch/dinner time. The kids tend to be less finicky this way and your trip will run smoother by planning your schedule around your families personal clock.

2. Plan Meals

If the plan is to eat at a restaurant for lunch or dinner, I like to figure out which restaurants we’re dining in beforehand. This way I can make reservations (if needed) and don’t have to scramble last minute, trying to find a place to eat at rush hour.

3. Old Fashioned Entertainment

Remember the road trip games that we used to play as kids? Type in a quick Google search to find inspiration and plan fun games that don’t require electronics. They don’t provide moody side effects like the glare of a television or iPod provides.

4. Bring Snacks

Muffins, cookies, fruits and trail mix are some of my favorite packable snacks for road trips. Gas stations don’t have the healthiest options available and with a little planning you can ensure that your family has healthy options during your travels.

5. Let Go

Let loose and leave some wiggle room in your plans. A lot of your frustration can be curbed if you let go of some of your rigidity…speaking from experience AHEM.

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