Thinking About Sending Your Daughter To Camp? Try a Sampler!


I didn’t grow up with summer camp and my parents never sent me to any kind of overnight camp when I was a child, so the very idea of sending my own children away was nerve wracking and completely foreign to me. Over the past couple of years I’ve done extensive research on summer camps both co-ed and girl only. I’ve also talked to friends who currently send their girls to camp and Glen Bernard is one that always popped up in conversation. My friend Julie Cole from Mabel’s Labels (their camp combo pack is BACK for a limited time!) sold me on the idea when I found out that both of her daughters have been attending GBC for years. 

Last year, we tried out the Bunny Camp, a two night sampler for younger girls and my girls not only loved it, they wanted to stay longer. My eldest came back with a stronger sense of self esteem that she didn’t have prior to her stay and both of my girls became closer than ever. It was an amazing experience for them and us. As parents we learned to let go just a little, allowing our girls to test their own wings. 

This year we’ve signed up both girls for GBC Camp yet again and they are so excited! I’m so happy we took the chance and jumped in with both feet, because I strongly believe that summer camp is an experience that you can’t really put a price on. The benefits are numerous and will help to shape their own inner strength, beauty and confidence.

I wanted to share a fun event with you in case you’re on the fence with the whole summer camp option. GBC has just announced their Glen Bernard Camp Express, a one day introduction to all things GBC! What’s included? You can tour the camp property, join in camp activities, experience a camp meal, poke your head inside a cabin, meet staff and other campers and leave with a better understanding of the GBC experience! Space is very limited for this exclusive one day trip, so be sure to register today to ensure you get your seat on the GBC Express! 

When: Saturday, July 5th, 2014 (8:00 am – 9:00 pm)

Cost: $25/pp which includes round trip bus transportation from Toronto, lunch, camp activities & dinner.

Don’t forget to bring: A bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, closed toe shoes, a change of clothing and a hat!

You can register by email to Kim Graydon at kim@gbcamp.com. More details to follow after your registration is confirmed.

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