The Best of Summer Sandals for Little Ones


Summertime is on its way! It’s time to break out the shorts and tees, the swimsuits and the sunscreen. My girls and I are so happy about the nicer weather. There’s nothing quite as lovely as throwing on some cool play clothes, strapping on some fun summer sandals, and heading outside to enjoy the hot sun. If you are looking for sandals for your little guy or gal, look no further! I’m rounded up the very best (and cutest!) summer sandals for little ones…

For baby and toddler girls, we’ve got some great picks. Classics strappy styles and a few mod designs, too. My all-time favorite sandals for little ones (both boys AND girls) are Saltwaters. They are adorable! They are also waterproof, which makes them perfect for babes that love splash parks and puddle stomping. Next up? Jellies. I remember these from my childhood, so of course I’m going to need some for my girls. These cute jellies with the bow are from Old Navy. Need something that goes with everything? These modern black sandals are just the thing. They look quite grown-up, don’t you think?! And they are American made.

Do you love Toms? Get excited because they just launched sandals for kids! They come in cute colors and prints and by purchasing some for your little one, you can help another kiddo in need. My kind of shopping. Lastly, are these funky neon strappy sandals. Neon is super trendy at the moment, making these a must-have accessory to go with your little lady’s wardrobe. girls-sandals

For baby and toddler boys, we’ve got some totally practical, yet totally adorable summer shoes. First up? Some boy-friendly jellies. These bright blue kicks are perfect for the beach or splash park, as you can simply rinse them clean! The color gray is totally in and here to stay. These adorable gray sandals will go great with your little one’s wardrobe and will match nearly everything! Another classic  must-have? Old Navy flip flops. They come in an array of colors and styles and are super inexpensive, making them the ideal on-the-go summer shoe.

Another awesome style from Old Navy are these rubber slip-ons. They can get wet and they protect the toes, so they are great for wading in creeks or splashing in puddles. Last but not least are the classic Saltwater Sandals. These leather duds come in tons of colors and last a very long time. They are definitely an essential summer wardrobe item. boys-sandals

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