5 Gorgeous Personalized Pet ID Tags For Your Furry Family Member

personalized pet tags

The time has come and I’m thrilled to announce that our family is getting a pup! We pick her up tomorrow and everyone is ridiculously excited. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been researching everything and anything to do with dogs and although I’ll spare you most of my findings, I wanted to share information on a few shops that sell the most beautiful personalized ID tags. 

Whether you have a dog or a cat, or are thinking of purchasing a family pet, each one of these tags are handmade and unique to everything out there. These aren’t your typical plain tags, they have a ton of personality! If you don’t like the ones that I’m partial too, be sure to check out the sellers as they have a large selection of different styles to choose from. 


These pet ID tags are adorable! They come in three different colors (brass, nickel/silver or copper) and you have the choice of three different charms that hang on top of the tag. These are handstamped and customazied according to your preference. Price: $11.33 through themadstampers



This tag set is more suited for medium to larger dogs as they are larger tags. It comes with three washer style tags that are hand stamped according to your preference. Price: $19.83 through themadstampers



Another charm set! I’m in love with the addition of these charms! These particular tags are available for $11.33 through themadstampers 



These are a little different. Instead of a disc, you have an aluminum bar (lightweight) or a copper bar weighing about 4 ounces. You can have either or all of the four sides stamped to your specifications. Price: $13.60 through themadstampers


This moustache tag is so adorable! Price: $14.73 through Fetchapassiontags

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