Five Convenient Ways To Dress Your Child In Style

convenient ways to dress your child

Before I had a baby, and while I was pregnant, I had grand plans for my future child’s attire. The outfits would be extravagant. We would match, of course. You know, a little mama and mini action. The outfits would have layers, not just your standard onesies. My baby would be trendy, without a doubt.
Then I actually had a baby.
The diaper changes came rolling in. Spit up and drool happened. So much spit up. Does anyone else find it annoying to load a baby covered in layers into a car seat? And my least favorite-pulling a tight shirt over a finicky baby’s head!

I needed pieces that were more practical and convenient. I wanted items that my son would be comfortable in. I didn’t want to constantly pick at him and need to adjust his clothing. I needed something for quick diaper changes and easy mobility.

At the same time, I didn’t want to totally sacrifice fashion. Luckily the times of handmade goods and accessories are alive and well!
Here are FIVE convenient ways to dress your child in style:
1. Leggings, or the summer equivalent, bummy shorts. The possibilities are endless with these guys. There are so many lovely handmade shops that have an array of patterns for boys and girls. They are so easy to slip on and off and they are actually comfortable for your babe.
2. Bandana Bibs. I love these because they are 100% practical and not just for looks, but they do add a pop of style to any outfit! Once your little one starts teething the drool becomes excessive and these become a necessity. And no, they aren’t just for little boys. Little girls look just as darling in them. You can have a neutral color to go with most outfits, or you can have a different color for every outfit, so fun!
3. Rompers. I can’t get enough of rompers. We wore our fair share of cold weather rompers this winter and I am so excited to put my Henry in all of the short rompers this summer. I can’t stress enough how nice it is to have something for quick diaper changes, on the go or at home. It’s just easier not to have to pull layer after layer off. 
4. Hats & Headbands. I know this one is sort of a given, but these can turn even the most basic of outfits into a statement. Add a bow and a bandana bib and your sweet girl will have instant style. A stylish, printed beanie will send your little mans outfit over the top.
5. Moccasins or soft-soled shoes. It’s easy to shy away from shoes when our tots are little, but it makes putting them on when they’re older, easier. Not only are soft-soled shoes recommended, but they can really be a finishing touch to any outfit. A bold, pop of color or a mute color to tone down the patterns of the bows, hats and bandanas. Either way, they’re the cherry on top- err, bottom. 
What are you must-have items for comfort and style? Tell us in the comments! Every item on here is handmade or from a small business, so be sure to check them out!

Melissa Schartz

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