Royal Caribbean Answers The Prayers Of Working Parents With Fast Wi-Fi

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I may have cried out with joy when I read the latest press release from Royal Caribbean. As a working mom who needs to be connected 24/7 (yes, even on vacation!) I was thrilled to hear that Royal Caribbean International has invested in a major technology overhaul for their Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas ships. Long gone are the days of slow and spotty Wi-Fi signals, because this new high speed will be so fast that the cruise line says it will match or exceed what guests can achieve on land.

How are they doing this?

RCL has paired a new generation of medium-Earth-orbit satellites (originally designed to bring the Internet to emerging markets like sub Saharan Africa) with sophisticated antenna arrays aboard its newest ships, the popular ships are vaulting competitors and delivering guests the kind of technology they expect in a connected world.


The new, custom-built antennae were shipped from Israel to Florida last month, and installed on Oasis of the Seas. They say it is ‘fiber speed with satellite reach,’ reducing latency from 750 milliseconds to approximately 140 milliseconds. And according to tests will be more than enough bandwidth to go around.

If you’ve ever tried to upload video or even watch a movie clip while onboard you know that it’s pretty much impossible. Royal Caribbean said that is no longer the case with this new internet service. The company is in the process of developing new pricing plans for added service.

By the time this new technology is installed on the upcoming Quantum of the Seas, guests can anticipate “several new, show-stopper uses of the bandwidth” and with that they officially have us intrigued!

Photo credits: Royal Caribbean

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