5 Incredible Child Photographers Who Took It To The Next Level


As mothers we are constantly snapping photos of our kids, right? Our Instagram accounts and Facebook pages prove our attention to detail when it comes to documenting the lives our of our little ones.

Sometimes, parents — and other child photographers indeed — take photos that take the world by storm. Sometimes we can’t look away and we simply crave to know more. Today I wanted to share some honestly incredible portraits of children that you’ll be thinking about for days.

Take a peek below for five photographers who took the art of portraiture to the next level! Grab your hot cup of tea, settle in, and take a peek below for some gorgeous works of art — be sure to click through each link for even more amazing images! (Plus, I’m sharing my tips for taking great photos of your children! Take a look and try them out!)

incredible-portraits-of-children 1

incredible-portraits-of-children 2

Queenie Liao created wondrous nap time photos of her little one and compiled them into an album titled Wengenn in Wonderland — name for her son. How magical! Click here for more.

incredible-portraits-of-children 3

incredible-portraits-of-children 4

Photographer James Mollison curated this beautiful, yet somewhat haunting, series of portraits featuring a child and an image of their bedroom. His book, Where Children Sleep, is a unique look into the lives of children around the world, from all ranges of socioeconomic status. Very powerful. Click here to view more.

incredible-portraits-of-children 5

incredible-portraits-of-children 6

Walk directly into a dreamland through these photos. Russian mother, Elena Shumilova, created this inspiring series of photos simply be experiments with her children as the subjects. Such amazing work. Click here to view more from her collection.

incredible-portraits-of-children 9

incredible-portraits-of-children 10

Have you met Theo and Beau? A little while ago, these two cuties took over the world of internet-cuteness when their mother  Jessica Shyba, (Momma’s Gone City) began sharing photos of their daily nap routine. Nothing to say but awwwwww! Click here for lots more!

incredible-portraits-of-children 7

incredible-portraits-of-children 8

These cute pair of sisters have been featured in some of the most hilarious images, all captured and staged by their creative father, Jason Lee. If you haven’t come across this funky trio, definitely take a peek through their Flickr album! Or click here to view some favourites.

Amazing! So many fantastic memories, touching stories, and moving moments!

Capturing those moments-to-remember with your children is not only fun, but it’s something we just have to do as mothers who are dying to preserve the smallness of our children — right? We love to watch them grow, but soon those 18 years of childhood are beyond our grasp and we’ll want those photos to remember the most wondrous moments.

Tips For Capturing Picture Perfect Moments

Get candid.

We all know that staging a photo with more than one child can be a daunting task, so my advice is don’t even try! Candid is the way to go. You’ll catch the moments you see every single day and always be able to recall that smile, that laugh, their movements, and more. A home filled with candid captures is welcoming and you’ll aways have fodder for the Christmas cards!

gretchen flowers

Get outside.

Natural light makes for images that are not only beautiful, but easier to make fabulous! Follow the sunshine and try for times when the sun isn’t right overhead, which can be a bit harsh.

Get focused.

When take closeup images of your children, focus on the eyes. The magic of children’s photos really comes from being able to read those big, beautiful eyes. Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.

gretchen eyes

Get playful.

Pull out that camera when the children are playing a sport, running around the backyard, or are giggling mid-snowball fight! Those are the best times to capture the true spirit of your children!

Get in the photo!

Mom, don’t let your child’s entire existence go by without popping out from the other side of the camera and letting yourself steal their thunder — just a little! Quirky family selfies (Jenny on the Spot is awesome at this!) are so much fun!

I hope these tips help you fill your photo albums (both virtual and physical!) with memories that’ll last you for years to come! Enjoy and get clickin’!

Desiree Fawn

Désirée Fawn is a Canadian mom, blogger, and doula. She’s a tea enthusiast, social media connoisseur, and lover of travel. Her blog, So Fawned, began in 2008 as a way to document her life as a young mother, and has morphed into space featuring daily inspirations, insights into motherhood, style, home, and more. Désirée lives in Ontario with her daughter and partner. She also writes for Mom Spark.


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