Review: 7 A.M. ENFANT Stylish Gear & Warm Winter Wear


One company in the juvenile products industry that has held my attention for years is 7 A.M. ENFANT. I have loved their vivid colors and modern city style, while exuding a technical outdoor appearance. One might say their design could be described as ravishingly rugged. We recently had a chance to try out several 7 A.M. ENFANT products, and they couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time as the weather here in Florida has actually been a cold winter this year. When our package from 7 A.M. arrived, I immediately unpacked it on our rug while my son was napping and went out for a walk right afterward, thankful for the chance to stay warm. There have been record-breaking cold temperatures all over the northern hemisphere this season, and I am not complaining one bit at the chance to be able to bundle up and be cozy. Let’s take a look at the Classic Mittens 500, Chapka Hat 500, Kids WarMMuffs, and Stroller Hamper.


Made of water-repellent and warm insulated materials, the Classic Mittens 500 were a big success with my son. He has never been a fan of mittens, but kept these on for an entire 5 mile walk. He was able to easily slip his hand in and out, and gets a huge kick out of running with them hanging from his shirt sleeves! I loved that the classic string makes it easy for the pair to stay together. The size 2-4 years was a little large for my son, at 25 months, so I would size down if you want a super snug fit.


We. Love. This. Hat. The Chapka Hat 500 fits wonderfully, is sized through 4 years, and can even fit snugly on my own head if I was in need. The snap closure at the neck made it much easier to use versus a Velcro-type enclosure, and therefore doesn’t rub on his chin or neck like string ties used to. The material is extremely soft, warm, and the top flap unsnaps if needed for extra protection, or even as a nap shield.


I have never seen him so excited and happy to wear a hat and gloves!


The Kids WarMMuffs are such a clever invention! They attach around the handlebars of bikes or scooters, making it perfect for chilly days when mittens can keep your child from getting a good grip on their favorite outdoor ride. They even make adult Warmmuffs, which is ideal when pushing a stroller outside and not having to worry about taking your gloves on and off and shoving them in to your pockets or bags when using your phone or stopping into a shop. I would call these an absolute must if you’re a parent in an urban area using the stroller daily.


He loved that he could just take simply take his hand in and out and even though the bike handles were cold from being in the 40’s outside (not complaining!), his hands were still toasty warm. Awesome!


The Stroller Hamper is truly a carry-all stroller bag for every need. There are straps on the bag to attach to a front handle stroller or an umbrella stroller (shown above on an Uppababy G-LiTE). This bag is HUGE and can hold a lot of items. Loaded, this immediately, and easily, tips the umbrella stroller, so make sure to use only when a child is seated, or use the convenient carrying handle on the bag itself. The packaging of the bag doubles as a separate carrying pouch, which can hold personal items, act as a diaper pouch, or storage for toys and miscellaneous essentials.


Shown above on a BOB Revolution SE.


While I found the Hamper bag awesome for holding several bags of groceries at once coming in and out of the store, my son is at an age where he wants to walk frequently, so it was hard to keep attached to each stroller during our outings when it was in use.  I found this bag more useful on the BOB compared to the umbrella stroller. What I found this bag absolutely perfect for is a trip to the beach! Again, this is exactly why I’m not complaining about “cold” temperatures in Florida. On Monday it was a gorgeous 75, so I tested the bag out on a beach trip and loved it. The sand brushed right off and dumped out of the bag, the carrying strap didn’t dig in to my shoulder when packed up with buckets, shovels, and nets, and the top handle straps were great for moving around the beach while chasing down my son and his friend. I found the elastic drawstring to be a bit loose, needing to be tightened a few times before closing up securely.

My overall opinion of 7 A.M. is that I’m impressed and after reviewing these items I would absolutely trust any of their products. While I didn’t find the stroller hamper helpful for me in that specific purpose, I love its size, shape, and ease of use for all carry-all needs.

*These samples were provided by 7 A.M. ENFANT for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*







Brandi has recently traded the busy working, pumping, commuting-mom life in the D.C. suburbs for a slower pace of life as a stay-at-home mom and wife in Jacksonville, Florida. She is knee-deep in diaper bags and baby gear as the founder of her website Little Brim Baby, a contributor for BuyModernBaby.com, and as a brand ambassador for Boba. A map-lover by degree and profession, you can often find Brandi road-tripping her new surroundings, exploring with her toddler son, and picking up her husband from the swamp after paddling trips in his beloved canoe. Brandi is a baby gear enthusiast and loves sharing her favorite products, reviews, tips, and fellow moms’ advice with her readers.


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