What Mom REALLY Wants For Valentine’s Day


When we think about Valentine’s Day we think hearts, flowers, jewelry, and chocolate, right? And while I love all of those things (don’t get me wrong!) there are more creative ways to show mom just how special and loved she is this February 14th.

Today I wanted to share some ideas for what mom really wants for Valentine’s Day this year — all easy to plan, and sure to please!

Treat mom to a meal she didn’t have to cook! I love cooking for my family, and I’d never really begrudge the fact that I do it every single day, but there’s nothing more relaxing than coming home from picking my daughter up at school and knowing that I don’t have to immediately hop to it in the kitchen to whip up a meal. Treat mom to a relaxing evening by either cooking up a fabulous dinner yourself, or ordering in from her favourite restaurant. Bonus points: Find a babysitter for the kids and surprise mom with wine and dessert!

Let her have the day off. This is a great gift idea for moms who are at home with little kiddos everyday. With the help of either family, or babysitters, or you whisking the kiddos off to the zoo or park or museum —  tell mom to relax and enjoy the silence. Seems a touch un-romantic, but trust me, moms rarely find themselves alone and everyone needs a little bit of solo time to recharge. Bonus points: Leave a gift card to a spa in her hands as you head out the door!

Recreate your first date! Take a little trip down memory lane and recreate your very first date. If it was awesome, run with it. If your first date is awkward and hilarious — just enjoy the fact that you made it to where you are now and enjoy the silliness! She’ll love looking back at those first moments together.

Help her check something off her life list! Arrange a fun experience that mom has been dreaming about — visiting a landmark, a ride in a hot air balloon, indoor rock climbing, skating on a canal! There are so many fun experiences that you can share together on Valentine’s Day — you’re not limited to a dinner and a movie!

Go back to school! Has mom been dying to take a cooking class? Want to join her for ballroom dancing? Sign your partner and yourself up for language lessons, skydiving class, or something else you know she’ll love! You’ll both have a blast and you’ll get some quality time together.

Give her car a makeover! Okay, this seems a little insane, right? But I don’t know of a single mother who wouldn’t be THRILLED to have her car completely cleaned, washed, and organized. I’m adding this idea to the very top of my wish list.

The most important thing about any Valentine’s Day gift you might choose for mom is that it’s memorable and given with love. Even the smallest gestures can be grand when they come from the heart.

Wishing you all lots of love and happy gift-giving this Valentine’s Day!

Photo source: ButterflySha via photopin cc

Desiree Fawn

Désirée Fawn is a Canadian mom, blogger, and doula. She’s a tea enthusiast, social media connoisseur, and lover of travel. Her blog, So Fawned, began in 2008 as a way to document her life as a young mother, and has morphed into space featuring daily inspirations, insights into motherhood, style, home, and more. Désirée lives in Ontario with her daughter and partner. She also writes for Mom Spark.


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