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When it comes to toys and dolls, it’s the classics that really draw me in. Although trends are certainly “fun” it’s the historic and educational aspect of the classics that encourage intelligent play. This is just one of the reasons why the company A Girl for All Time, has stolen my (and my daughters’) hearts.

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A Girl For All Time is inspired by the fictional Marchmont family, who throughout 500 years experience adventure and excitement in their time era. “Clementine Harper’ is the newest addition to this collection. At 12 years old Clementine is living in London during World War II in 1939. Her family flees London, arriving in Devon and that is where the story continues to unfold.

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The first thing that struck me about these dolls is that they look identical to China dolls and yet they are made out of an easy to care for vinyl. The joints move as well, so you can put them in various positions.

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There is quite a bit of detail in the design, both with the hair style, eyes and painted details. The clothing is not just replicated in style, but also with the quality. Clementine’s dress is made (and lined) with the same sort of material as one of my own dresses.

Coat_Beret_boxed_cutout_small_1024x1024Each doll comes with her own outfit, accessory and a little pamphelet that introduces you to her and her history. There are additional books and costumes available, however those are sold separately.

Because of the overall quality of these dolls, I wouldn’t suggest buying them for girls under the age of 6, unless you are planning on storing them as a collectible. Although my younger daughter (5), loved the doll, she wasn’t able to really appreciate Clementine’s story as much as my 7-year-old who is enthralled with all aspects of this collection.

For more information, or to purchase the dolls from this collection, visit A Girl for all Time.

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