Valentine’s Day Inspired Fashions For Boys


I often hear, from my mama friends who have sons at home, that boys aren’t as much fun to dress as little girls — but I beg to differ! Anytime I’m browsing through a children’s clothing shop, online or in person, I find myself holding up tiny ties, adorable khakis, and itty bitty blazers, wishing I had a wee lad at home to style myself!

Today I’m sharing some fun Valentine’s Day inspired fashions for boys that are guaranteed to make you say “awww”!

valentines-day-fashions-boys 1

You can choose from a selection of different bow-ties when you order this charming cardigan from Cuddle Sleep Dream.

valentines-day-fashions-boys 2

Revolution 46 has gone ninja with this cute Heart Breaker tee! You can also get your child’s name added beneath the design!

valentines-day-fashions-boys 3

This just takes the cake for cuteness, right?? Pick up a teensy tie via The Best Boys’ Ties.

valentines-day-fashions-boys 4

For your tiny Valentines, check out this Petit Bateau snowsuit. Now on sale.

valentines-day-fashions-boys 5

I adore blazers on little boys! Check out this modern style by Papermoon — I love the little hints of colours and the funky diagonal stripes!

valentines-day-fashions-boys 6

Go for cozy with this classic Ralph Lauren cardigan.

valentines-day-fashions-boys 7

Lastly, this cute and cozy ear flap cap from Hunky Dori Boutique can be custom made in any size your choose — from newborn, right up to teen. Adorable!

So many cute styles to choose from! To all the mamas with little boys at home right now — know that I’m just a tiny bit jealous!

What will your little ones be wearing this February 14th?

PS. You can see our Valentine’s Day fashion picks for girls right here! Enjoy!

Desiree Fawn

Désirée Fawn is a Canadian mom, blogger, and doula. She’s a tea enthusiast, social media connoisseur, and lover of travel. Her blog, So Fawned, began in 2008 as a way to document her life as a young mother, and has morphed into space featuring daily inspirations, insights into motherhood, style, home, and more. Désirée lives in Ontario with her daughter and partner. She also writes for Mom Spark.


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