Ever Wonder What It’s Like To Float In A Hot Air Balloon?


There are many items on my life list, things that I dream of doing, some that I’m in the midst of accomplishing and others that are have already been checked off. “Ride in a hot air balloon” is one of those items that now has a line struck through it.

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to be a part of a press trip to Kissimmee, Florida where we stayed in a huge home courtesy of Global Resort Homes. During that trip, my mind was opened to the many activities this area offered. When I think of Kissimmee, Disney is the first thing that comes to mind. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Along with my dare devil stunt of falling 300 feet out of the air at Fun Spot, one of the other activities on the agenda was to ride in a hot air balloon and enjoy the sunrise from up above. We arrived fairly early, meeting with Orlando Balloon Adventures at the local Starbucks. After a warm beverage, we were off to a special location where they started to set up the balloon.


This was the first time I’d ever witnessed the set up and it was fascinating!

IMG_9666Once the balloon was ready to go, we all jumped in the basket and up we went! I didn’t know what to expect and really had no idea as to how the ride would feel, but it was surprisingly smooth.

Even though we were sailing over 2,460 feet above ground, the entire journey was so relaxing and peaceful. Watching the sun rise while floating above the clouds is something I’ll never forget! My only wish is that my children could have experienced it with me, however they are still a little young. I know that my 7-year-old would have enjoyed it immensely, but I think my 4-year-old is a little too young.

IMG_9691After an unforgettable sunrise, we made our way back to the landing area, where we slowly made our way down to the ground. As they were folding up the balloon, I assumed that our adventure had come to an end until the group laid out some breakfast treats for us and started pouring the champagne and orange juice!

Our host also recited the Ballonist’s Prayer which was so cute, I just had to share! Watch the video below for a little history on Champagne Balloon Rides and a look at what it’s like to float in a balloon.

Big thanks to Orlando Balloon Adventures and Global Resorts Homes for treating us to this experience! It was one I certainly will never forget.

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  1. palwasha

    January 14, 2014 at 2:51 pm

    good blog

  2. Desiree Fawn

    January 14, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    Amazing! Someday I need to do this! :)

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