Hit The Reset Button For 2014 ~ 7 Ways For Moms To Rejuvenate


January is a month that symbolizes new beginnings. The new year is upon us and for those of us who gorged on food and drink over the holidays, it’s a time to whip ourselves back into shape. As a mom, I know how hard it is to carve out time for yourself in order to keep yourself fit and healthy. It’s something that I struggle with each and every day.

I’ve made a vow to myself that no matter what, I’ll dedicate one hour of my day to exercise and I’ve kept true to that promise for a couple of months now. Here are 7 ways you can rejuvenate and recharge in 2014. Get a head start and move!

30dailychallenge1. 30 Day Fitness Challenges

I loath planks, but know how great they are for your core and arm strength, so I downloaded the 30 Day Fitness Challenges app to keep me accountable. This app has  a list of free challenges that you can choose from and then they are listed in a chart format. Each day, you simply check off the box once you’ve completed the challenge. Price: $2.99

2. Buy Yourself Something New

The power of quality activewear is highly underrated. Get yourself a great pair of yoga pants and some workout tops from reputable companies. Cheap stuff effects your performance. At least it did for me…

myfitnesspal3. My Fitness App

If counting calories is something you’re into, the My Fitness App is a great one to have. Although I don’t count calories on a regular basis, I do like to keep track of my calories that I burn. Simply enter the workout whether it be walking, running or yoga, and the amount of minutes spent, and the app calculates the calories burned. The best part – it’s free!

4. Zumba

It took me years to embrace it, but this year I finally took the jump and signed up for a local Zumba class and the rest is history! Zumba is simply a high energy dance class that doesn’t require any kind of formal dance training. It gets your heart pumping and will make you sweat! I personally like it as it gives me a break from my daily regimen. It’s my exercise “fun day.”  There is Zumba Kids classes too which my girls are in love with!

5. Juicer

No, I’m not going to recommend a juice cleanse or fast! Juicers are great to have on hand to increase your nutrient intake. I like to juice vegetables with a touch of fruit. The combination of kale, lemon, lettuce and apple is one of my favourites!

6. Yoga Retreat

You guys, this is my DREAM! I would love so much to go to a yoga retreat. It’s on my life list and has been for years now. I’m so obsessed, I put together a list of 25 incredible Yoga retreats around the world. 4-7 days in paradise, detoxing and practicing yoga – dreamy!

7. Schedule It

The best way to keep true to your regime is to schedule it. There are lots of schedule apps available through the App Store and most of them sync with Google Calendar. I find that as long as it’s on a calendar of some kind, it makes everything so much easier!

What are some of your favourite ways to rejuvenate?

A mom to two girls and a baby boy, a writer and the publisher of Child Mode. As a lover of style and fashion, Nadia found her ‘niche’ and love of children’s clothing while searching for quality items for her family.


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