Snow Day Activities ~ 6 Ways To Keep Kids Happy And Having Fun!


With bitterly cold temperatures rapping at our doors this season, kids have been home from school a LOT due to closed schools and cancelled busses. With a bevy of ice storms, power outages, and the temperature dipping dangerously low, it’s time to get creative with our Snow Day activities! Forget about the frost quakes and polar vortexes for a little while and enjoy these fun activities that are perfect for when the kiddos are stuck at home!

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If it’s too cold outside to built a real snowman (ick, frostbite!) you can always make an indoor version out of corn starch and some other bits and bobs you might have around the house! Learn how via Modern Parents Messy Kids.

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Brighten up the day by painting in the snow! Learn how to paint a rainbow with your kiddos at Really Quite Lucky. Children can also practice writing their name or working on other spelling activities in the snow!

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Pump a little science experiment into your Snow Day with this amazing snow volcano! Who knew! Find out how to create this awesome eruption over at Science Sparks.

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On a particularly chilly day, when you really want to stay in from the chill, gather up all those boxes from the holidays (or raid your recycling bin!) and have your kids create a cardboard box tower! The possibilities for creative expression are endless with this fun activity! Check out Nessa Dee for more construction inspiration.

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Keep your neighbourhood birds happy with these cereal bird feeders from Happy Hooligans. Hang them in your yard where kids can view birds grabbing their little snack from a window. Take this to the next level and have your little ones try to identify the birds you see in a book or online.

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The perfect breakfast for a Snow Day? Why, Snowman Pancakes, of course! Check out the how-to over at Kids Activities Blog. How adorable is that little bacon scarf? Yum!

I hope some of these ideas inspire you and your family to make the most each Snow Day this season! Stay warm and have FUN!

What are your favourite Snow Day activities? How do you kids battle cabin fever when the temperature are low?

Photo source: ant.photos via photopin cc

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