Teas For Kids ~ 5 Blends For Tiny Tea Drinkers


I love tea. I drink it daily, there’s an entire cupboard in my kitchen dedicated to tea leaves — loose and bagged, my mug collection is enormous, and I have a tattoo dedicated to teacups and doilies. Naturally, my adoration for tea time is something I’ve been passing on to my daughter. Turning five later this month, my daughter loves to sip her tea with me. She enjoys the ritual of getting the kettle ready, adding tea leaves to a tea ball or strainer, or just simple choosing a delicious smelling teabag from our collection.

For littles, caffeinated teas are not my first choice — though she does have a sip of my Earl Grey from time to time. For children, herbal teas can be not only delicious and calming, but offer delightful advantages when kids are battling colds, bellyaches, or just need a mellow moment. We all need those, right?

Here are some tasty teas that are child-friendly and sure to pass the taste-test!

teas-for-kids 1

Teavana has a beautiful selection of tea blends (and cute accessories like mugs!) for children. Click here to view a few of their kid-friendly varieties!

teas-for-kids 2

Amanzi Tea offers some fun selections for littles as well, including this calming Lullaby blend.

teas-for-kids 5

This Bear Trap tea (cute name!) from DavidsTea is a fun berry blend that’s great with a little spoonful of maple syrup. Yum!

teas-for-kids 3

Uber Herbal offers a fun Tea Party blend just for the kiddos. This one’s calcium rich with Vitamin C and chlorophyll.

teas-for-kids 4

I know my daughter would think this Fairytale Tea by Wildroot Botanicals is pretty special. I adore this shop’s beautiful packaging too!

I love a cup of tea in the morning, or while cozied up in front of our fireplace in the afternoon. Some of my daughter’s favourite teas are peppermint, camomile, and a blend called Dreamland by President’s Choice. She takes her tea with a dollop of honey and sometimes an ice cube to cool it down.

Happy tea time, friends!

Photo source: the cherry blossom girl via photopin cc

Desiree Fawn

Désirée Fawn is a Canadian mom, blogger, and doula. She’s a tea enthusiast, social media connoisseur, and lover of travel. Her blog, So Fawned, began in 2008 as a way to document her life as a young mother, and has morphed into space featuring daily inspirations, insights into motherhood, style, home, and more. Désirée lives in Ontario with her daughter and partner. She also writes for Mom Spark.


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