Stylish Bunk Beds ~ 6 Styles They’ll Love


Whether the kiddos are sharing a bedroom, or needing a spot for their stuffed animal collection to sleep, bunk beds can be a fun way to add a little vertical interest to a kid’s bedroom. When I was a little girl I had bunk beds in my room which I used to make into forts when my friends would come visit for a sleepover. I loved arranging my toys on the top bunk while I snoozed on the bottom — or I’d sleep up top for a change and spend hours just reading under the covers. Bunk beds are a fun addition to any child’s space!

But don’t fret — bunk beds don’t just have to be a space-saving solution! They can be a fun way to add style to your child’s bedroom, whether it’s to share with a sibling, or just an extra bed for slumber parties.

bunk-beds 1

I have to start by saying I’m loving the green colour of this interesting Austin Bunk Bed. The modular storage on the side and the beautiful chrome style ladder rungs make this a hit for me! So pretty!

bunk-beds 2

Looking for crisp, modern style? Go no further than this gorgeous model from Oeuf. We always love what they have to share!

bunk-beds 3

This is more loft than bunk, but what kid wouldn’t fall head over heels for the Camelot Bed! I love how they’ve hung a bit of bunting between the tallest tower and wall. There are a lot of options for making this neat bed/playspace work in your child’s bedroom!

bunk-beds 4

The Uptown Bunk Bed features classy lines with a modern look that’d work great in a girl’s room or boy’s room. Check it out via Land of Nod.

bunk-beds 5

The Ricki Bunk Bed comes in a whole host of gorgeous, stylish colours — orange, pink, blue, green! You can also choose from having a twin over twin composition, or try twin over full for a bigger bed on the bottom, or for an older child!

bunk-beds 6

This Coco Bunk has a lovely neutral palette that works in any decor. Great for clothing storage too with drawers below too!

Stay open minded when adding a bunk bed to your child’s room — play around with placement within the room and don’t be afraid to add a little colour! Bunks are fun and function, friends! Enjoy and your kiddos will be thrilled with their brand new space!

PS. Did you see this amazing bedroom redesign? What a fun way to incorporate a bunk bed!

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