The Barbie Premium Experience Only On Royal Caribbean

barbie tiaras and tea

Someone I know, *coughcough* my daughter *coughcough*, thought they were like, so over Barbie, you know? At the ripe old age of 10 and 3/4 this certain someone thought she was just way too old to play with Barbie. Then, this certain someone joined me on a recent press trip aboard the Freedom of The Seas and discovered that Barbie was still pretty cool after all.

Of course she is. Barbie is iconic and looks pretty darn fabulous for someone approaching her 50th birthday. Not surprising, of course, is that Barbie is now sailing the high seas as an exclusive guest of Royal Caribbean. That girl always did love the good life.

barbie experience

The fun part for other guests aboard Royal Caribbean ships is that they can book The Barbie Premium Experience for their child, ages 4 – 11.

From the moment we arrived at our stateroom to find a package complete with fleece blanket, satin pillowcase, toothbrush, special lanyard, tote bag and of course, Barbie herself with a few change of clothes, my daughter was sucked in. Gone was the attitude of “I’m too old”, to be replaced with a “this isn’t so bad afterall” tone. Now that she was fully embracing the experience, it was fun to watch her enjoy each moment.

My future fashion designer loved the Fashion Designer Workshop. Each child receives a special fashion design package to create their own special fashions for Barbie. The girls have special Barbie helpers to explain how things work and to get their Barbies ready for the big show. When we were done, my daughter spent every chance we had back in the stateroom, dressing her Barbie for the next big event. Also, when she thought I wasn’t paying attention, talking to her.

barbie experience

Also included in The Barbie Premium Experience is the Mermaid Dance Class, and a Fashion Show where girls get dressed up in their cruising best and walk the runway with Barbie. How much fun is that? The whole week is focused on your little Barbie girl and keeps them fully immersed in the experience for the duration of your voyage. There’s also a Barbie Movie Night, Barbie Story time and Barbie movies in your stateroom. At night we loved coming back to our stateroom and flipping the Girls Night In door handle on.

Perhaps the best part for both of us though was the Tiaras and Teacup Party. Dressed in our best sundresses we headed to the beautiful Portofino restaurant overlooking the deep blue sea. Here my daughter received some fun tips on table etiquette. She poured her own tea (pink lemonade) and served me a fancy dessert from a sterling silver tray. It was very fancy and a very fun mother/daughter moment. I got caught up in all things pink too and oohed and aahed over the desserts, the view and my big girl who still has some little left in her. I didn’t really want it to end. The Barbie Experience brought us both back to a simpler time.

As it turns out, I’m not really over her yet either. Maybe they should consider upping that age limit to say 44?

Candace Derickx

Candace Derickx writes about food, family and travel on her site Life in Pleasantville and has been a staff editor at ChildMode since 2011. Follow her on Twitter @candace_dx and join in the conversation on her Facebook page, Life in Pleasantville.

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  1. YashY

    December 12, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    I’m so excited for Barbie mania to enter our house….got the Barbie Dream house for the 2 yr old this xmas… it’s starting!! Cruise next I hope… I love that there’s a fashion designer angle!! Makes perfect sense!

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