Glow-in-the-Dark Denim From Naked & Famous

glow in the dark jeans

Kids need cool and one-of-a-kind. As a mother of a 7-year-old, this is a message that is coming in loud and clear! I don’t dare choose her clothing anymore and she has a unique style all her own. Naked & Famous Denim “gets” kids, but funny enough this is the first time they’ve ever designed anything for mini adults. The brand has been making quality garments using rare and unique denims from Japan and their latest creation offers a major wow factor – Glow-in-the-Dark denim pants.
These Skinny Boy jeans are made from phosphorescent coated 9 oz. (98% cotton, 2% elastane) denim and absorb the light throughout the day. At night, the light is released in the form of a glow-in-the-dark look. Talk about awesome!


The jeans aren’t out yet, but will be released shortly and every pair will include a mini backlight flashlight so that you can active the coating instantly.

1453391_10153461680960694_1392142442_nThe Naked & Famous Skinny Boy “Glow in the Dark” Denim pants will be available in sizes 2-12 and sold exclusively at Blue & Cream .

A mom to two girls and a baby boy, a writer and the publisher of Child Mode. As a lover of style and fashion, Nadia found her ‘niche’ and love of children’s clothing while searching for quality items for her family.


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  1. Cassaundra

    December 3, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    So cool. my kids would love this.

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