5 Gorgeous Halloween Makeup Tutorials For Adults

If you’re thinking about getting into the spooky mood Halloween night with your kids, but aren’t so keen on rocking out an entire costume, check out these Halloween makeup tutorials! So many gorgeous ideas — with step by step directions on how to get their look.

To start, this incredible black and white 40s style glamour make-up is just incredible. You could be a silent film star!

Or how about this detailed Day of the Dead makeup? A friend of mine did her face up like this over the weekend and it turned out so well! (But a touch on a scary side — just as a note for those with little ones!)

Any Game Of Thrones fans in the crowd? You might like to try out this tutorial!

This next tutorial is a unique spin on the classic Cleopatra look:

And lastly — my favourite! — forget about Halloween makeup, I might wear this 1920s flappter girl style just for fun… any day of the week! Get the look here:

We hope you enjoy these fun Halloween makeup tutorials! Wishing you all safe and happy week!

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