5 Things I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Before Having My First Child

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I obsessed over my first pregnancy, reading through every online forum, parenting and pregnancy book both in the library and in-store. I remember a time when I didn’t feel my daughter move for a full 2 hours and so I called my midwife immediately, worried that something was wrong. Of course, everything was just fine and chances are my daughter was sleeping or just chilling out, something I should have been doing myself.

There are many things I wish someone had told me before becoming a parent and now as a mom of three, I want to share my top 5 with you.

1. Relax.

That is one thing I didn’t do with my first. It’s one of the few things I wish someone told me before I became a mom. “Nadia, it’s okay to just relax. Everything is going to be okay, enjoy this time.” Granted, my midwife told me this time and time again…perhaps it’s something every mom goes through with her first as I was much more relaxed during my second and third pregnancies.

2. Don’t Buy Too Much For The First 6 Months

You know those sleepers and dresses, shoes and booties you’re squealing over in size 0-3 months? Put them down and pick up the next size because chances are, your baby will either outgrow 0-3 months, 1-2 weeks after being born, or he/she will be in one size larger at birth. Purchasing too many teeny, tiny outfits in newborn-3 months is a waste of money because of how fast they grow.

3. You Can Never Take Too Many Pictures

You may catch yourself taking photo after photo, filling up your memory card on your digital camera, video camera and cell phone, to only question as to whether or not you’re overdoing it. Let me give you some advice – it is impossible to overdo it. Your child will change so fast and in a flash they’ll be walking, talking and then heading off to school. All of those shots are treasures. It’s impossible to have too many.

4. The Dishes Can Wait

To clean or not to clean – THAT is indeed the question. I’m not saying we should keep our homes in a messy state, but sometimes it’s okay to just leave the mess and deal with it later. A walk with your kids, a trip to the park or an afternoon colouring while listening to their hopes and dreams is more important than a few dishes in the sink.

5. It’s Okay To Take Time For Yourself

I would have loved for someone to give me this advice on a t-shirt, so I could remind myself of it daily. You need to take time out for yourself, not just for you, but for the happiness of your family. Take that hour and work out, go out with your friends for a coffee, spend an hour curled up with a book while your husband watches the kids. Take time out for YOU to relieve stress and regroup. A happier mom = a happier family.

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