6 Fun And Healthy Halloween Snacks For Kids!

Halloween is all about the treats, right? But treats and snacks and goodies don’t HAVE to mean a crazy amount of sugar and empty calories! Today we’re sharing some super fun and healthy Halloween snacks for kids!

Your kiddos will love making AND eating them!

healthy-halloween-snacks-for-kids (1)

These adorable jack-o’-lantern peppers are almost too cute to eat, right? Find the recipe over at For The Love Of Food And Photography.

healthy-halloween-snacks-for-kids (5)

These spooky Goblin Grins spotted over at Spoonful (via FamilyFun Magazine) make me laugh! Your kids will definitely get a kick out of these!

healthy-halloween-snacks-for-kids (2)

We love these neat open-face sandwiches (or bagels, cupcakes) by La Jolla Mom. Use these Halloween cookie cutters to make your shapes!

healthy-halloween-snacks-for-kids (3)

I might have a hard time eating these eerie teeth, but kids LOVE them! This creeptastic Apple Bites recipe is also over at Spoonful.

healthy-halloween-snacks-for-kids (4)

How about a little Ghost Toast for breakfast? Try this simple recipe over at So Fawned. Yum!

healthy-halloween-snacks-for-kids (6)

Lastly, be the star of any Halloween shindig with this fun and effective pumpkin platter! I love the maple leaf melons! Check out Disposable Aardvarks Inc. for more!

What are your tricks for keeping the candy at bay? Do you have any favourite healthy Halloween snack ideas?