Shop The Disney Shop Inside JCPenney! A Look At Their New ‘Magical’ Addition

Instead of visiting the Disney Store for your Mouse-inspired gear and apparel, you’ll be able to take a trip to your closest jcpenney store instead! Last week, 565 jcpenney stores unveiled the new Disney Shop located in-store.


The Disney Shop launched online at jcp.com on Sept. 6., but the in-store experience just debuted last week. Each shop ranges in size from 800 – 1,100 square feet, offering a magical shopping experience. Customers can find an affordable selection of Disney-themed plush toys, dolls, figurine sets, sleepwear, role-play and fashion apparel for kids sizes 2-10. Prices range from $7 for a mini plush toy, $15 for a pajama set to $90 for a keepsake collection of nine Disney Princess dolls.

To coincide with the DVD release of Monsters University on Oct. 29, Disney Shops inside JCPenney will debut with a wide assortment of Monsters University products taking center stage, including a life-size plush of monster Mike Wazowski. As new movies are released, the Disney Shop inside JCPenney, as well as jcp.com, will be continually updated with new merchandise reflecting characters from Disney’s beloved animated feature films.