5 Cozy Winter Baby Leggings for Chilly Days

Today was the first cool day of the autumn season here in Florida and it made me think of all the cute baby leggings out there that are perfect for this time of year. The sweet little Lamby leggings from Baby Love Legs (above left) might be my favorite baby bottoms yet. The colors, the stripes, the flowers — all of it — are great from fall harvest through spring.  The Bear leggings (above right) can be worn by boys or girls, along with their adorable other animals featured on Foxy, Owl, Milk, and more.


Polarn O. Pyret is a brand that loves bold, playful prints for both boys and girls. From left to right above, the Rainbow Signature Stripe Eco Leggings, Farm Charm (in green), Harvest Hound, and Farm Charm (in blue) would make legs warm along with bringing a smile to everyone’s face.


I cannot resist these frilly and feminine ruffle leggings from Sugar Babies. The Mustard Pie Ankle Flairs (above left) are so detailed and gorgeous. The Huggalugs Legruffles in Violet Ombre (above center) look cozy, stylish, and even perfect for dance class. Persnickety Triple Ruffle Leggings in orange (above right) are, as they say, full of over the top cuteness.


BabyLegs are well-known and loved for their ease of use with their classic baby legwarmers, but these tights have caught my eye this season with their sweet colors and simple patterns. The Polka Party Tights (above left) are adorable, especially with the above-ankle detail. The Shimmer Footed Tights (above left) are too cute with a ruffle down each leg.


Now, if you are a D.I.Y.-er, you’ll love this Naptime Craft featured on Ink + Squid: Crocheted Baby Legwarmers. These legwarmers look so warm and classic that it might just be enough for me to try and attempt them as a first crocheting project. These would also make fantastic baby gifts.