5 Of The Spookiest Haunts In Ontario ~ Frightening Fun For The Whole Family

October is here with her fall colours, bright orange pumpkins, comfort food and ghosts and goblins run amuck. If you and your family like to feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck than chances are you’ll love one of these five haunts in Ontario.

Saunders Farm

One of Ottawa’s most beloved family farms gets in on the action each October and brings out it’s scary side and invites you along for the ride. Mwahahahahaha. Saunders Farm Haunting Season begins September 28 and runs until October 31st. Walk through the Barn of Terror, take a ride on the Haunted Hayride or scream like a girl at Camp Slaughter. Shiver. Kids 10 and under are discouraged from joining the very scary journey. Wonder if they have hand-holding for 44 year old chickens?

Halloween Haunt

This scare event starts October 4th and runs each weekend until April. This is clearly for those that really like being frightened because I was scared just looking at the website, ok? So as it suggests this spooktacular event is not for anyone under 13. This is most definitely a teen scream. Okay, on to the next one because this mama is already sleeping with the lights on tonight as it is.

skeletor-fortfrightFort Henry

Oh, Fort Henry, full of rich history and architecture and zombies. Wait, back that up. Zombies?! *gulp* Yup, on select dates from September 26th through to November 2nd Fort Henry in Kingston becomes scare central. Personally, I know I’d be walking through peeking through my fingers. I’m a scaredy cat.

The Haunted Walk

The Haunted Walk runs in three cities across Ontario — Kingston, Toronto, Ottawa — and the haunting season begins October 15th and runs until November 2nd. What makes these walk particularly spooky is that they are based on historical events. So there might be a kernel of truth to it, right? Think I’d bring a hand holder along for this stroll. Find dates and ticket information here.


Screampark at Bingemans in Kitchener boasts that 1,115 people chickened out in 2012. Bock, bock, bock. I’d just like to add that I’d probably up that number by 1 in 2013. Although I have to admit that I’m wildly intrigued by their Running Dead race because if anything was going to motivate me to run, it would be zombies chasing after me. In it’s eighth year now, Screampark has three haunted house experiences to scare the wits out of you and a Zombie shooting gallery. Okey-dokey then. This scarefest runs from September 27 to October 31st if you dare.