6 Handmade Halloween Costumes For Boys

It’s October, friends, and you know what that means — Halloween is just around the corner! But you’ve got a month to prepare! Are you the crafty type, or perhaps not but you prefer the handmade touch to a store-bought costume? If so, take a peek at some fantastic handmade Halloween costumes for boys!

I love costumes like these — you just know you’ll pop them into the toy box for dress-up fun all year long!

Halloween Costumes For Boys (5)

Roar! This cute lion costume is available from Boo Bah Blue.

Halloween Costumes For Boys (6)

Grab up a ninja costume by Catherine Soucy. Available in red, green, gold, or blue. Fleecy and warm!

Halloween Costumes For Boys (2)

Have you got a little hobbit in your family? Try this costume from Captain Porkchop Shop on for size!

Halloween Costumes For Boys (1)

My daughter actually went as Yoda for one year. Great for little Star Wars fan everywhere! This one’s by Alanna Michelle.

Halloween Costumes For Boys (3)

I adore this pirate costume, also by Catherine Soucy — y’arrr!

Halloween Costumes For Boys (4)

This costume actually reminds me of the elephant from The Elephant Show. Anyone else watch that as a child? Pick up this cute outfit via Sewing By Quicatos.

Have you kiddos started thinking about their Halloween costumes this year?