I Can See Clearly Now with the Ubabub Booksee Shelf

Do you ever come across things that make your jaw just drop to the floor? For me, it’s usually something so clever and smart (like, why didn’t I think of that?!) or something that is just so beautifully designed it makes your heart ache. This new clear bookshelf from Ubabub is so, so stunning. I can’t take my eyes off of it!

It’s modern and sleek, yet totally functional. Best of all, these acrylic shelves are designed to keep your kids safe. (I don’t know how many times my girls have knocked their heads into the hard corner of their wooden bookshelf!) And while I think these clear shelves would be totally cute in a kiddo’s nursery or playroom, I can’t help but think they’d work for grown-ups, too.



Currently, the Booksee Shelf is only available to purchase in Australia, but you can contact Ubabub for inquiries about shipping internationally. Definitely bookmark this one for a future home purchase!