Flux Junior ~ The Origami Chair That Starts As An Envelope & Turns Into Furniture

Chairs take up a whole lot of room in our home, which is why we tend to keep the extras in the basement. Bringing them up is a chore  and they usually have to be dusted and cleaned off before we’re able to use them. Foldable chairs are always a good idea, but there is that space in between the back and bottom that make them unsafe for kids.

Welcome Flux.

At first glance, I thought this was a great idea. An envelope that folds up into a chair, I mean how cool is that? The question of course is, “Is the chair strong enough?” Then I watched this video.

flux junior from flux on Vimeo.

Made from weatherproof polypropylene, a high-performance plastic that is usually used for stadium seating, this is one chair that won’t be collapsing any time soon. It’s easy to fold, strong and waterproof.
Flux Chair
Flux Chair

The chairs weigh 5 lbs each and can hold up to 175 lbs (junior size) or 11 lbs and a weight limit of 350 for the adult version.

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