Bandanas Bibs From Slyfox Threads

Slyfox Threads has recently announced their Fall 2013 Collection bandana bibs and I am loving them! Nature themes and geometric prints are huge this coming season, featured from strollers to clothes to feeding gear, and these bib selections fit right in there. The Caspian print featured above is my favorite, along with the Lumberjack camp print. Started by a mom searching for stylish bibs for her children, Slyfox Threads filled a need in that area your loveable little droolers. We loved the kerchief and bandana styles for our son since they made us smile thinking of him as a baby cowboy in his printed bibs. I wish I would have known about Slyfox Threads while he still needed adorable drool protection!


The photo above is from a few days ago on the Slyfox Thread Instagram account and shows off their Lumberjack, California, and Woodland prints, which are available now online. I am tempted to purchase one for my son just for upcoming camping and canoe trips to look stylish as a little explorer.


The Southwestern print bandana bib is beyond adorable. I am such a sucker for the bandana and kerchief bib cut and just love these fun prints, and their bold shapes and appearance makes it easy to hide food stains if you use the bibs for feeding time as well.


Make sure to check them all out to find a favorite bandana bib for your child, or choose a great print to gift to a loveable little drooler in your life this fall.