Fairy Slippers & Elf Shoes For Kids and Adults

Elf shoes are the cutest slippers you can possibly buy. The curled noses, felted exteriors and overall style look as though they’ve come straight out of a storybook. In this case they haven’t saved the best for the kids, you can buy adult sizes of these whimsical slippers too!


Pictured above are a child’s version made from 100% New Zealand Sheep wool and trimmed with beads. The latex sole prevents slippage and adds a waterproof layer to the bottoms. Price: $32.87 from Zavesfelt on Etsy.


Here’s a pair of adult slippers. They don’t really need much of an explanation, I mean look at them! Adorable! Price: $75.28 from Zavesfelt on Etsy.


These slippers have been felted from wool and the soles are covere in a slip-proof natural latex. Price: $37.11 from elijana on Etsy


Buy two pairs of adult slippers instead of one (one for him and one for her). Price: $153.75 from Zavesfelt on Etsy.


I love the ribbon and rose details on these pink fairy slippers. Magical! Price: $37.11 from Zavesfelt on Etsy.