Ideeli Ships To Canada! International Shipping Now Available Through Ideeli

Sound the trumpets, blow the horns, do a little dance around your kitchen, because the day I’ve been waiting years for has finally arrived. Yes, you read that title right. After years of drooling, oooing and ahhing, we can now purchase discounted merchandise through flash sale site Ideeli. A couple of days ago, while doing my weekly window shopping, peering through the glass of my computer screen, I noticed a little American flag on the left hand side. After clicking that, this little box came up. Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 3.05.14 PM

Hello beautiful! Dior, Cass, Ivanka Trump, Marika, Sandra Darren, Olive & Oak and so many other amazing sales are going on right now! They do have children’s sales from time to time, however they are categorized under “Home” so be sure to check that for deals on baby wear and kids fashions. They currently have a sale on Baby Aspen where you’ll find some amazing gift ideas!

To access these, you can sign up to Ideeli for free by following this link.

Happy Shopping!