U.S. State Blocks from Uncle Goose

We are obsessed with the Uncle Goose ABC wooden blocks in our household, and as a geographer by education and profession, the newly launched United States States Blocks only add to our excitement. Our toddler son loves to stack his German language blocks, displaying the animal sides and making the noises for each of his favorites. His letter and number recognition has developed rapidly just through his play — it’s amazing.


Uncle Goose started sharing sneak peeks of this product development awhile back on their Instagram account, and I have been checking their feed ever since to find the updated release date. I am excited to announce that these blocks are now available online. The wooden display tray is even included with the 50 cube blocks.


The details in these blocks, as all of their others, are gorgeous. The sides of the United States States Blocks represent the state name and image, abbreviation, state capital and union entry date, motto, bird, flower, and tree. “Everything a child needs to ace their first civics test.” When the blocks are assembled, as in the first two images, the US. map is created, making these blocks not just an educational item, but also a display piece.


Travelers, geographers, and map-lovers would all love a keepsake as beautiful as this. You can purchase your set of States Blocks online here. Check out all of the Uncle Goose products. From Classic to Specialty to Foreign Languages to Special Needs to Holiday and Decorative to everything…you will only leave their website happy.