Review Of The Ford Explorer Sport 2013 With Ecoboost

Road trip season may have come to a close, but the daily task of driving our children to and from school has begun. We’re known to tack on the kilometres with our vehicles, so it’s important that our family vehicle is one that is good on gas. In case you missed our previous features, we’ve been reviewing family vehicles as part of our Family Road Trip series on YouTube. Funny enough, the timing couldn’t be more perfect as we are currently in the market for a new vehicle and need to make our decision by October 2013.

So far, we’ve reviewed the Honda Pilot, Toyota Sienna Limited and Chevrolet Traverse, dishing all the things we liked about each vehicle. Our last tester was the Ford Explorer Sport 2013 with Ecoboost. The Ford Explorer comes in 4 different models and the Sport is essentially the premium of all four. The vehicle seats up to 7 passengers and comes with a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine that is powerful and a smart 4WD system.
After 10 days on the road, two trips to Toronto and numerous trips to the city, town and back, we’ve decided whether or not this is the vehicle for us. Curious? Watch the video below. 🙂