Girls Will Be…Everything With This Great Brand!

As a woman who has always been interested in the sciences, it is refreshing to come across brands that support and foster that love in young girls. The Girls Will Be clothing brand has been launched by an Austin mom in order to provide creative and expressive shirts for girls without the flowery and glittery designs. You won’t find hearts or flowers, or pinks or purples, but you will find science and nature-related patterns that show off the individuals interest for exploration. I love it!


While most of my friends were interested in Barbies, I was always reading maps and dreaming of being a scuba diver someday. It would have been great to have had clothing (like the Blast Off shirt above) reflect my science-y passions in a way that didn’t involve shamefully shopping in the boys department or dashing my mom’s hope for a girlie girl. The Girls Will Be clothing line offer pieces that are gender neutral, but tailored for a girls body. No more boxy shirts with these cap sleeves and a trimmer waist designed to fit real girls.


Bug lovers and backyard explorers will love the Don’t Bug Me shirt. This would have been perfect for those days where I would climb a tree to read and watch the neighborhood activities for my unseen perch.


The Shark Attack shirt is perfect for your budding scuba diver or mini-oceanographer.


The Take Flight shirt would be perfect for your little traveler or global explorer, dreaming of faraway lands.

You can read more about the Girls Will Be brand on their blog, along with finding more great picks for non-girly clothing, backpacks, and fashion ideas!