Shopping For Clothing At Costco ~ Surprising Fashion Finds (VIDEO)

I’ve always been a fan of Costco’s Pekkle Pajamas. I’ve been purchasing the sleepers and PJs for years now and love the quality. Other than nightwear, I’ve never gone shopped for clothing at Costco. I usually scan the isle and make my way to the food section without taking a second look.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a huge selection of Calvin Klein jeggings in the very front of the isle. It was impossible to miss them. As I’m in need of a pair of skinnies this fall, I picked up a pair of black jeggings even though my mind was telling me that I would most likely be returning them shortly after. Turns out, they are amazing. So amazing that I went back to Costco to pick up another pair in denim.

Of course, I then made my way through the clothing section and ended up shopping for the whole family. Here’s a look at what I got.

Have you ever shopped at Costco for clothes?