10 Unique Backpacks For Kids That Are Cool & Unusual

Lots of you may be sending kiddos back to school this week, so why not send them with one of these unique backpacks for kids? When I was little, I had a very basic green/blue backpack. I remember my mom buying a full set of luggage, complete with lunch bag, duffel bag, backpack and more. They all matched and were all… boring. Sorry, mom! The tiny tomboy I was must have loved them at the time, but I think I want my daughter to rock something a little more expressive when she heads to class for the first time!

Today I’ve got a collection of ten super neat backpacks that are sure to stand out in crowd! Check them out below!

unique backpacks for kids (1)

Roar! Cute monster backpacks from JEE Oliver. Lots of colours to choose from!

unique backpacks for kids (11)

If I showed my daughter this post, I bet this Skip Hop Zoo Pack would be her favourite. We have four barn cats at the farm and she spends her days chasing them around.

unique backpacks for kids (12)

For your budding astronaut, try this Rocket Flyer backpack by Bixbee!

unique backpacks for kids (13)

For those who love a little glam and sparkle, the Sparkalicious Pink Butterflyer pack by Bixbee is the way to go!

unique backpacks for kids (14)

Cozy, quilted, cute! I love this colourful patchwork elephant backpack made by Crearts.

unique backpacks for kids (15)

Edgy and totally unique. How funky are these Lator Gator bags by MadPax? Lot’s of colours and sizes available.

unique backpacks for kids (16)

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day after spying this neat backpack! Check it out here.

unique backpacks for kids (17)

Get bubbly with this MadPax style! Definitely one to make you stand out!

unique backpacks for kids (18)

Need a little colour in your life? This MadPax Spiketus Rex bag ought to do the trick! Totally funky, durable, and cool.

unique backpacks for kids (19)

This cute backpack by Brat Sacks Baby features an adorable robot motif. Great for even the youngest school aged kids.

Wishing you all a fabulous back-to-school  season!