Locker Fashions For a Stylish School Year

When I started looking at locker fashions, it was clear that one brand has this area covered: Pottery Barn‘s teen line, PB Teen. While these items are obviously targeted for teens, I can see them also being fun for younger girls who want to keep track of their schedule, show-off magnet photos of family, and more! A little home away from home during those first nervous months of a new school environment.


Keep your classes and after-school sports organized with a class schedule locker decal. When I was in elementary school, they had us carry milk crates around from class to class with all of our text books. A locker shelf would have been so useful in creating more space for book and our winter boots!


The Blooming Locker String Lights (and others) are ridiculously cute and would help create coziness for your older child’s space. They would also be perfect in a child’s bedroom or even a home office.

8-23-2013 8-24-25 AM

Mini Photo Frame Magnets would be a fun way to keep family close by during your child’s day, and the Multi Daily Dot Dry Erase Locker Magnets could help you remind your child of an afternoon activity, early pick-up, or just an “I love you.”


The Locker Magnet Hooks are great for keeping small things organized and out of the way. The Beauty Board and Pockets would be useful for even pens and pencils — I’m not sure younger children need images of beauty daily, but they could be adapted, or a sticker could be affixed over to easily create something age-appropriate!


If your child is one who would like a mirror daily (my sister and I both started wearing contacts at a young age and needed mirrors for that purpose), they have some very cute print options on the Locker Mirror Pockets.


Now, this last photo is not from PB Teen, it is from a company called LockerLookz. The locker wallpapers are beyond! So if you have a child or tween that would love a fancy look, these would be a cute option. Check with the school rules as to what is allowed in your child’s locker for the school year!