Marc Jacobs Nail Polish ~ Sephora’s Hottest New Product

I was reading through my friend Lena Almeida’s Covet List yesterday and discovered Marc Jacobs nail polish. Marc. Jacobs. Nail. Polish.

What’s so special about it? The formula is inspired by Marc’s highly lacquered coffee table and according to Sephora it “is formulated with patented bonding agents that deliver a plasticized, wet look, while the color-rich creams and fine glitters ensure vivid, chip-resistant wear. The bottles are designed to resemble a smile, but I think the shorter design is actually quite brilliant as it eliminates waste.

s1510957-main-LheroTwenty four shades of the new “enamored hi-shine nail lacquer” are available now through Sephora. The price? $18.00.


In addition to nail polish, Marc Jacobs has also come out with a new lip gloss line called “Lust for Lacquer.”


The Lovemarc Lip Gel

Four eye shadow palettes and many more beauty products. Check them all out by visiting Sephora.com.