The Lactation Station ~ New Breastfeeding Space For Traveling Moms

This month, Mamava debuts their first Lactation Station at the Burlington International Airport in Vermont. The Lactation Station is an innovative space designed for breastfeeding and pumping moms on-the-go. The founder of Mamava, Sascha Mayer, is featured in The New York Times:

It will be the “vision of the ‘clean, comfortable, secure place for women who need to use a breast pump or want to nurse in privacy. Women who work away from their babies need to use a breast pump every few hours and, until now, the only private place to do that while traveling was in a restroom or car. ‘Neither of (these options) are particularly private or sanitary. We believe women deserve better.”

I am beyond excited about this, as I know firsthand the challenges and limited resources for a traveling, pumping mom — and I had only taken two trips when I was pumping. My friends who traveled frequently know these limitations very well.

Prototypes for the Lactation Station were tested out to receive feedback, and include:

  • Seating and table surface to comfortably situate a breast pump
  • Space for luggage and/or stroller
  • Antimicrobial and sustainable materials used for all surfaces
  • Occupied timer, soft lighting

I could not imagine anything more welcoming during a long layover (or before a flight) than knowing you have this pumping space available for your privacy. It will be placed past security in the airport, making it easily accessible, and I also hope that it (or a resource similar) is available to all airport employees who need a pumping space. With companies like Mamava, initiatives such as the Affordable Care Act (in the US, requiring employers of 50+ employees to provide time and space for pumping), and health insurance companies covering breast pumps, it is incredible to see society shift in the positive to support and normalize breastfeeding.