Peek-thru Pop Out Clothing Vests ~ Crazy Cool Puffy Vests For Chilly Days

Pop Out Clothing is founded by two moms, made in the USA, and finally offers a solution for parents who want their child to wear a coat on chilly autumn days! I remember that struggle as a child, not wanting to wear a coat because it would cover up a cute shirt, but with vests like these cute shirts can really shine through and customize the entire look. They’re machine washable, too, making them perfect for a day on the playground or hiking.

Vests are one of my favorite items of clothing for adults and kids because they often offer a freedom that coats do not. They are stylish paired with jeans and boots and they’re all around comfortable. Puffy vests are perfect for climates who get chilly early in the year, and these Pop Out Clothing vests look warm, but without the dreaded bulk that can often come with a puffy jacket. There’s a style for your little sweet heart, edgy trendsetter, or rock-n-roller.

Skulls and crossbones appear to be everywhere right now, making it one of the big fashion patterns of the year, yet on these puffy vests they stand out above all others. Perfect for your tough (but sweet!) son or daughter.

The hearts and stars are my favorite, and I can easily see these being popular in class with matching colors and patterns with friends!

You can find Pop Out Clothing at a local boutique or online.