The Maasai Warrior School For Kids

Fancy sending your kids to warrior camp? Starting this month, all children who visit Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp in the Maasai Mara are invited to join in a Maasai Warrior session. Learning from Kinyaika, one of the oldest trackers in the business, and the Maasai team, children will be able to learn skills Maasai Warriors have mastered.

Depending on the age and ability of the kids, some of these skills include fire making; spear throwing; bow and arrow practice; Maasai jumping, dancing and singing and stone throwing. Look forward to taking part in the traditions passed down for generations: participate in a blessing ceremony (involves Maasai clothing, Maasai jewelry and possibly henna). A certificate is given at the end of the experience; and, for those skilled enough to hit the targets, a wooden bow and (nonlethal) arrow is provided as a prize.

Sessions last between 2-3 hours and parents can either watch, join in or leave the kids to learn and head out on a safari. Cottar’s 1920 Safari Camp is located on an untouched exclusive concession bordering the Serengeti, Maasai Mara and Loliondo reserves. You are guaranteed privacy and an abundance of wildlife. Families can choose from four family tented suites, which each consist of two ensuite bedrooms with a shared sitting/dining room, and a private house, which can accommodate up to 10 guests in five large ensuite bedrooms.

The Maasai Warrior School is a complementary activity included within full board accommodation. For rates, availability and more information, visit Cottar’s.