Ju-Ju-Be Debuts New tokidoki Print & 3 New Fashions For Fall

Have you heard the latest? Ju-Ju-Be has partnered with tokidoki on a brand new print! Fairytella is a fun and colorful print featuring fairies, knights in shining armor, princesses, villains and heros. Available now in the B.F.F., Be Neat, Be Prepared, Be Right Back, Better Be, HoboBe and the Paci Pod.

The latest tokidoki collaboration isn’t the only new print from Ju-Ju-Be this fall, they’ve also introduced three new patterns including:

Charcoal Roses offers a nice contrast with the black, white, grey and bright turquoise. It’s a cool art deco print available in the B.F.F., Be Prepared, Be Quick, HoboBe, Paci Pod and Super Be.

Platinum Petals is a nice gender neutral print. You have the most selection with this as it’s available in 11 different Ju-Ju-Be bag and accessory styles.

Scarlet Petals is a beautiful red version of the one pictured above. It’s available in 10 different styles. You can view them all on Ju-Ju-Be’s website.