StayMade: An Innovative Bedding Solution That Benefits Kids & Moms!

As parents, we see a LOT of products that claim to solve one motherhood frustration or another, yet rarely do these products ever actually deliver the results we’re hoping for. So, when one comes along that manages to quash three pains of motherhood at once, I’m definitely going to spread the word!

Meet StayMade. Dubbed “the world’s most innovative children’s bedding” this product manages to bring a bit of peace to some of the more hectic mothering dilemmas. Currently in pre-production via a fantastic KickStarter campaign, this product — created by parents — is definitely going to be a hit in my books. Check out the video to learn more about how it works:

Dilemma No. 1: Making The Bed

With StayMade, kids can make their own bed with two zips — done! If you’ve ever tried to get a toddler to take their bed, you know they mean well but you know you’re going to make it again. StayMade helps children to feel proud about making their bed effectively and quickly, and makes for a wonderful routine each morning — something that helps moms and kids feel confident and less stressed.

Dilemma No. 2: Nighttime Accidents

An optional accessory for the StayMade system is the PeaPod — a cute name for a brilliant creation. The PeaPod is a waterproof (yet comfortable and breathable) pouch that kids slide right into after it’s been zipped into their regular bedding. To clean up an accident, simple unzip the pod portion only and toss in the wash — the bottom sheet and the rest of the StayMade bedding is still dry! Next, you only have to pop in the second PeaPod (they come in convenient packs of two) instead of washing an entire pile of bedding. What a relief in the middle of the night — and a big help for potty-training families!

Dilemma No. 3: Falls

My daughter tends to move around in her sleep a LOT. This means bedding on the floor, and sometimes a kid on the floor in the morning. With the StayMade, kids are tucked neatly into their beds, without the need for a bulky bedside rail. Kids can be zipped into either just the sheet, or the sheet and top blanket, depending on the time of year and temperature. A cozy solution for those middle-of-the-night wanderers!

Learn more about StayMade by visiting their website, KickStarter, Facebok, Twitter, and YouTube. We can’t wait to see these in stores!