Designer Backpacks For Kids ~ 10 Styles For Boys & Girls

We’ve featured some of our favorite backpacks of the season, however if you’re looking for designer backpacks for your kids, we’ve got you covered! From Paul Smith and John Galliano to Ralph Lauren and Monnalisa, these are 10 designer knapsacks available now.

First up is Diesel’s bright lime green backpack with adjustable shoulder straps. Their signature Mohawk logo is printed on the front pocket withthe slogan “Only the Brave” across the top. Price: $101.09

Paul Smith Junior has a great pack in navy blue. There is a printed picture of pockets filled with staionary on the front with two small pockets (clever!) and one large compartment on the outside Price: $164.86

Pink rules! Ralph Lauren has designed a classic pink backpack with two large zip-up compartments and inner pouch pockets to hold everything your kiddo needs. Price: $132.20

Hackett London Backpack

I love this backpack from Hackett London! It has the Oxford vs Cambridge logo on the front and offers two separate zip compartments for storage. Price: $104.21

Ralph Lauren Red Backpack

Ralph Lauren’s solid red backpack is a great choice for boys and girls. There is plenty of storage in the front as well as either side. Price: $101.09

John Galliano Backpack

Talk about unique! John Galliano’s blue tartan “gazette” print looks mighty chic with the black faux leather trims. Price: $175.75

Ralph Lauren Black Backpack

A classic look from Ralph Lauren in black and red. Lots of zip compartments and pockets for storage. Price: $132.20.

The Cambridge Satchel has become a very well-known brand and somewhat a high-end designer in their own right. Their leather satchels are covet-worthy. Prices vary.

Aeronautica Militare Backpack

Rugged and stylish. I love this pick from Aeronautica Militare! Price: $141.53

You have the crest of Olive Oyle in the center of this backpack as well as a classic fleur de lis and metal crown charm. Monnalisa wins in the cutesy department with this grey and beige number.