IKEA 2014: Living With Children & A Look At The New Products!


The 2014 IKEA catalogue is out and filled with great ideas and concepts for children. The year’s theme, Living With Children, is all about families spending more time together. As a spokesman for the company states, “This year at IKEA we’re turning our focus to the most important people in the world; children.”

Throughout the year, we’ll have tips and ideas about how families can spend more time together supporting the year’s theme, Living with Children. And we’re starting with the 2014 IKEA Catalogue. We’ve kept the same structure and we’ve packed it with the exciting stories behind our products and new ideas to help people love their homes even more.

Here’s a peek at some of the items available in the newest catalogue:

My favourite new items by far — an IKEA themed doll house with shrunken items that we’ve loved in our own homes for years. Can you imagine these tiny iconic IKEA replicas as tiny toys? I can’t wait to pick these up for my daughter! I wonder if she’ll let me play with her doll house too!

They’ve even made the packaging play-friendly: “Printed with illustrations of a lamp, clock, frame and books, they can be painted and cut out to create an entire home.” How fun!

Gorgeous new bedding, funky bathroom linens, growth charts and more! What are you most looking forward to from the new collection?

Take a peek at the 2014 IKEA catalogue online.