Tea Collection Arrivals Inspired by Chinese Street Art & Eastern Pop Culture

Back-to-School new arrivals for this fall at Tea Collection reflect inspirations from Chinese street art and Eastern pop culture. This collection strongly mirrors the Tea Collection goal of creating globally-inspired children’s clothing for little citizens of the world. The modern bold, bright, and urban China brings statement colors and prints to brighten up your fall and winter!

This skirt from the girls collection is too cute! The Tai Kang Floral Bubble Skirt is paired perfectly with Pop Art Stripe Stretch Leggings. Quality solid-color basics for children can be difficult to find, so I’m excited to see the Purity Tee options in this spunky acid green, along with other colors. Check out the Yangzi Floral Shirtdress, Great Wall Striped Dress, along with their entire dress collection for fall.

The Boys Tees and Top prints are wild and clever. This Pouncing Tiger Tee is a favorite of mine, along with the Lucky Fish tee. I want this City Stripe Happy Hoodie in a size that fits me!

One of the most brilliant things about Tea Collection is their Sets offerings, exactly for the reasons above. Smart, Speedy, Simple, and Unique. This is an easy way to build a wardrobe that matches and is stylish — making your busy school mornings less complicated. Several Boys and Girls Sets are offered, so be sure to browse them all!

Girls Chinese Garden 5-Piece Set

Boys Super Panda 5-Piece Set

You can find your favorite prints and colors for the call, and read more about the Urban China inspiration here!