10 IKEA Finds For Kids That We Are In Love With!

Today we’re sharing some of our favourite IKEA finds that we’re loving for our kids! IKEA is like a candy store to me. I could stay for hours, pouring through the gorgeous displays, following the arrows on the floor through each section, being wowed by their affordability, and wishing I was a kid again so I could play with some of the super cool children’s toys!

Whenever I take my daughter, she always finds something just amazing that I wish I could fit in — like the CIRKUSTÄLT tent pictured above!

Here are a few more of my favourite finds for kids at IKEA right now!

The DUKTIG veggie set is adorable and would make a great addition kitchen playtime! My daughter always likes to “cook” up recipes for me with her play food. (A salmon set and fruit basket are also available!)

When we visit IKEA, my daugher makes a beeline for the PS LÖMSK chair as soon as we reach the kid’s section. I think this one is fun because what kid doens’t love a little fort? It makes a great, tiny reading nook, and is surprisingly stable. We’ve watched kids spinning around it in with their feet out the bottom, pushing along the floor. A fun piece of furniture for your child’s room, or even in the living room/playroom. (If they made these in my size, I’d put a bunch of pillows inside and take a nap!)

The LANDET farmhouse is great for creative play AND is super easy to take on trips as the entire thing folds up into a little box with a handle! A fun way to keep kiddos happy during that visit to gramma’s or even a road trip.

Fun and functional, right? Pop this PATRULL crocodile bathrub mat into place and your little ones can enjoy a happy and SAFE bath time.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. How cute is this PYSSLINGAR mirror? This neat items has mesh storage pockets inside for your little one to keep their treasures, and a simple touch-and-close fastener makes it easy to open and shut.

A fun storage idea! The PYSSLINGAR toy box — with a distinct treasure chest style — can be folded up when it’s not in use and will definitely make for a fun clean up time! Can the little pirates tidy up before dinner? Y’arr!

So cute! The whimsical SAGOSTEN elephant pillow is a great way to add a little fun into your child’s room. This one makes me think of a circus, or the elephant from Aladdin. The air element inside can be used with other pillow covers from the same line. Just change it up!

Have a blast with role play in the SKYLTA market stand! Made completely from corrugated cardboard, this play stand is super light weight and easy to move around the house. Use it along with the entire DUKTIG series!

And lastly, the cutest little lamp! Chase away any bedtime fears with this adorable little SPÖKA night light. It’s supposed to be a ghost, hence the name, and will shine 4-5 hours when fully charged. I love this feature because it means you can charge it up and move it around the room. The light is also LED so it’ll last for a really long time (up to 25,000 hours!) and it even changes colours as it glows. Love it!

I can’t wait for our next visit to IKEA! Check back with Child Mode next week to see what IKEA has in store for it’s children’s line in 2014!

What are your favourite IKEA finds for kids?