Review: Kobo Touch eReader

As a voracious reader who loves the feel, smell and overall experience of an actual book, eReaders weren’t big on my list of must-haves, however since becoming a mom of 3, my time spent reading has been cut down significantly and I don’t have the time I used to have to sit down with a book. Since I embraced the idea of an e-reader, I’ve been able to stick to my reading goal each year and have increased the amount of books I read overall.

The Kindle is a great e-reader however it’s been costing me a pretty penny each and every month as I’m unable to access my library’s e-book collection. Kindle is not compatible with Adobe Digital Editions, which is the program you need to download the library books. When Kobo sent me their Kobo Touch, I was thrilled and immediately downloaded several books from the Ontario Library Centre and added myself to the waiting list for a few new releases.

Here’s a look at the eReader and my thoughts on the device overall.

Disclosure: Kobo sent me this eReader for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.