Posting Horizontal & Vertical Photos On Instagram – #IGTravelThursday

When I first started taking photos on Instagram, I used the app’s camera. That quickly changed when I found that other apps worked much more efficiently and produced a photo quality that exceeded Instagram’s built-in camera, so I began to take photos with those other apps and then upload them into Instagram minutes later.

There have been times that I’ve taken a really great shot that I just can’t bear to crop. Instagram automatically crops your photos into a perfect square and sometimes, depending on the image, you sacrifice the full beauty of the original scene.

The two photos above are just two examples where I had to post the photo in it’s entirety. Cropping it would have ruined the image. The question is – how do you do it?

There is an app called whitegram that allows you to post your horizontal or vertical photos to Instagram in their original state. It’s a free app that comes with many editing options as well, however I’ve never used those myself as the crop feature is what I’m after.

What about you? What’s the one app that you’ve used to make your Instagram Travel photos even better?

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